With Newnet DNS Hosting you can create and administer DNS Zones and DNS Records for zones on fixed IP addresses. (Does not cater for DDNS zones. DDNS to be handled by specialised DDNS providers)

Newnet DNS Hosting allows users to manage their own Master and Slave DNS Zones on a common domain (ns1.yourdns.co.za and ns2.yourdns.co.za) split over multiple networks to allow for more redundant DNS Zone hosting.

With Newnet DNS Hosting you can create and administer DNS Zones and DNS Records, backup DNS Zones, gather DNS information from remote servers, etc. Newnet DNS Hosting is the ideal tool for automatic DNS management operations, like gathering the Zone Records from multiple hosting servers. Designing and providing a redundant DNS hosting infrastructure is easy and affordable.

Main features are listed below:

– System designed for automatic DNS hosting
– Supports both RFC1912 & timestamp SOA serial number formats
– Create DNS Zones in interface (single Zones or from file)
– Master/Slave Zones supported
– A, CNAME, NS, MX, PTR, TXT Records supported
– Remote Zone types / Update interval
– Client can log in, access and manage his own DNS records.

DNS Round Robin Support

DNS Round Robin Support Allows users to create load balanced DNS infrastructures in minutes. The software monitors non-responsive servers and disables their DNS records from the round robin poll once they do not answer to the selected protocol. When the resources become available again, they are enabled again, which results in customer requests directed to them.

DNS Hosting Automation

DNS zone end-users have access to the application’s web interface and can modify their zone settings in real-time. Data replication to redundant DNS servers is performed automatically, within minutes, reducing administration and operational workload. Adding new servers to an existing infrastructure can be done in minutes.

Geographically Distributed DNS Hosting

Newnet can deliver redundant DNS services to their clients. The software can gather and manage zone information from servers located elsewhere, so when the server is upgraded or during a communication breakdown or a power outage, Newnet provides DNS redundancy.